Welcome to FYHY Motorcycle Network (WWW.FSHY.NET). FYHY motorcycle network is the company's motorcycle business website, in order to regulate the management of the site, according to the protection of this site and the copyright owner of the legitimate rights and interests, motorcycle net special made the following legal statement. The terms and conditions set forth in this legal notice apply to all persons or organizations that access and use the FYHY Motorcycle Network.

1, FYHY motorcycle network for the motorcycle industry is a professional business website, any access to and use of this site individuals or institutions must comply with relevant laws and regulations, not through the use of this site to spread violence, engage in illegal activities.

2, FYHY motorcycle network of all content is to better serve the audience, this site does not guarantee that all information, text, graphics, links and other items of absolute accuracy and completeness, the content is only for visitors to use the reference, FYHY Motorcycle Net does not assume any commercial or legal responsibility for the consequences arising out of the use of this website.

3, all links with FYHY motorcycle website and its content and copyright by the corresponding provider and owner, FYHY motorcycle network does not its content or form or nature of any direct or indirect commercial or legal responsibility.

The interpretation of the above statement to the FYHY motorcycle network (WWW.FSHY.NET).

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